Diversity, Equity, and Activisim

I am passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion. As an undergraduate, I was active and served as an executive member of my university's LGBTQIA+ advocacy organization. I served as a resident assistant and founded a student group called Students for Social Change. In both positions, I worked with the Department of Equity and Diversity, the Office of the Dean, and the Common Ground Diversity and Inclusion Training Group to make changes on campus (ex., gender neutral restrooms). One of the most important jobs I held was as a student worker for the Senior Assistant Dean and Ombudsperson. I worked closely with her to provide Multicultural Competency Training to departments, student organizations, and athletic groups on campus. I currently serve on the departemental DEI committee, and as I further my career, I am always looking for ways to further educate myself as an anti-rascist. A huge part of this is calling out injustices, and encouraging others to educate themselves as people for a diverse and equitable society.